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How Gifting a Meal Changes Lives

Thanksgiving Meals Served to foster families

Dollars Spent Helping families in need

Over 500 Meals Gifted so far. Let’s reach more in 2023.

“Adopt a Foster Family” Campaign

Sign up to donate a Thanksgiving meal to a foster family in your local community.

adopt a foster family




What it is. This program reaches out to the heroes in our community who bring abused and broken children from shattered homes into their own (even if just for a short time) to give them a safe and stable place to try to be a kid again.

This program is not intended to fill a financial need. This program fills a love and compassion need. Some of these families are quite well-off financially. However, the fact that they open up their home to somebody else’s child in need is priceless.

Community feedback. Over the years, we’ve gathered feedback from the families. It is clear that providing a Thanksgiving meal helps foster parents focus on celebrating the holiday, instead of both cooking a complex meal and juggling trials and tribulations that these often unique and stressful situations require.

What we pour into these families can not come from a wallet, but from a volunteer’s heart. The big key of this outreach program surrounds the volunteers delivering to the foster family, meeting them on their turf, and being intentionally open-hearted with gratitude for their service to our community’s kids.

bring joy to a foster home



When you choose to donate a Thanksgiving meal, this is how it will work.

  1. You will register to adopt one or more foster families.
  2. We will send you the details about the families you’ve adopted.
  3. You will coordinate with the family on logistics (grocery shopping/gift card, hot and ready to eat, cook ahead).
  4. Deliver the Thanksgiving meal to the foster family.
  5. BONUS: Connect for Christmas or future needs.

Tips. Some families choose to make a gift basket. Some families bring in their churches and larger groups to coordinate the experience for multiple foster families.

Thanksgiving Stories

Thanksgiving donations add much value to each family’s Thanksgiving experience. The foster families that we have helped rave about how life-changing it is to have caring members of the community step in to help them celebrate.

Video Testimony From a Foster Mother

Video Testimony From a Foster Mother

We need our community, not because of financial reasons, but because helping hands from our friends allow us to give the children a childhood that they don’t have or would otherwise never experience.

How You Can Change Lives on Thanksgiving

How You Can Change Lives on Thanksgiving

After serving over 500 foster families on Thanksgiving, Catering to Love can honestly say it’s one of our most impacting ministries. Sponsors and foster families alike experience so much joy.

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