How You Can Change Lives on Thanksgiving

After serving over 500 foster families on Thanksgiving, Catering to Love can honestly say it’s one of our most impacting ministries. Sponsors and foster families alike experience so much joy.

The Story

Getting to experience families joining in on our vision of changing lives on Thanksgiving was humbling, to say the least. Those who adopted foster families and cooked meals still talk about how special the experience was for their own families as they leaned into the selfless spirit of sharing and love during the holiday season.

Some families were delivering the meals hot, whereas others were pre-cooked and chilled, so the foster family just needed to heat the food up and it was ready to go. Everyone was very cautious to make sure the food was delivered from the oven or refrigerator in proper time so the food could be safely and properly enjoyed.

Sharing the Joy

Catering to Love was able to answer questions and support many families looking to bring a smile to the face of foster children in their towns. We have so many local connections and allies that we were able to assist, support, and help to get food where it needed to go.

Everything usually goes very smoothly because we are communicative and responsive to anything that comes up. We encourage introduction calls to the family so greetings and hellos can be made prior to the meal being dropped off. Then the family who cooked the meal lets Catering to Love once it’s been delivered so we can close the loop.

Creative Fun

We’ve had many families cook delicious Thanksgiving feasts and also incorporate their own special dishes to share a little bit extra soul and creative fun during the process.

So many foster families are just overjoyed to get to experience Thanksgiving from a family close by. It adds a layer of comfort and care that cannot be manufactured. We pray every year that the services offered to these foster families in need will magnify blessings to the needy and beyond.

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